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Marcus Carey is a successful lawyer with over thirty years experience in providing his many thousand clients expert advice dedicated to advancing their best interests.  He is an accomplished advocate in the courtroom, a trusted advisor to small businesses and a respected negotiator.

In addition Marc is a farmer, talk radio host and public speaker, who has an insatiable appetite for accuracy, and a deep love of history.  His approach to every facet of his career reflects his view of the world as he sees it in large part through the eyes of those who came before us.

Marc has been a guest on a number of television programs where he has been invited to talk about law, politics and current events from his unique point of view.  He has championed cases of major corporate corruption, championed cases for the disabled, courageously defended the constitution and recently added to his many life experiences that of being a candidate for the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Marcus Carey is the author of many published editorials.  He has been quoted and written about most recently on a national level regarding the federal lawsuit he brought in his own name to advance the First Amendment right of voters to have access to more information about the men and women who seek to be elected as judges.

He is quoted as saying that his purpose in bringing the suit was "to open up the selection process of judges and to create a better informed citizenry in whose hands rests the exclusive constitutional power to elect the men and women who sit in judgment of our lives and our liberty."

Marc has served in many leadership positions within his state bar association as well as having a long history of writing and speaking about professional and governmental ethics.

He and his wife of 38 years live on a farm in North Central Kentucky. Together they have raised two fine sons, dozens of horses, acres of tobacco, herds of cattle and a yard full of dogs.

Drawing upon his experience as a hunter, woodsman, sharpshooter and wilderness traveler Marc sees details in the world which many of us miss.  As a professional speaker and trial lawyer he shares his extraordinary experiences in a way which gives his audience a brand new perspective on the world around us.

And with over 35 years of campaign experience as a political insider, his Forest Gump style personal contact with JFK, LBJ , Bob Dole, both Presidents Bush and many other highly regarded leaders Marc has a unique ability to talk with juries and audiences alike with a perspective and humor that is both enjoyable and persuasive.
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